The best spots for skateboarding in Paris
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The best spots for skateboarding in Paris

The best spots for skateboarding in Paris

There are lots of great places to skate in Paris.

If you really want to experience the wonderful feeling that asphalt has to offer, head into town for the sights. There’s an old skatepark from another era, long abandoned, just waiting for skaters to return! Riding in this skatepark is a chance to break records and appreciate the chance to have a super-rolling, highly functional skatepark, day and night compared to Mod + Asphalt.

Considered by riders as one of the best skate spots in the Paris region, it’s a must. Just 45 minutes from Paris, the Poissy Skatepark is the most fun you can have, with something for every level and a striking variety of modules. It’s a very complete playground. Impressive slides, jumps, crashes and even the number 5.4 or 3.6 in competitions are all yours!

The skateparks are surrounded by greenery, 100% asphalt or vertiginous ramps, and the city offers many facilities in public spaces free of charge. On your board as you wait to see the world’s best Concorde “ride” at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.
Some of the best skate spots in Paris are the banks of the Seine, Place de la Concorde and Bois de Boulogne.

The Bois de Boulogne boasts many lanes and cycle paths. If you want to enjoy nature and shady paths while surfing, this is the place for you. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in surfing and skateboarding, you’ll be able to enjoy the thrills and spills that this discipline has to offer. There’s also the Bowl La Muette Skate Park on the edge of the park, a recently restored work by artist Peter Kogler. for experienced riders and fans of snowboarding who want to have fun.

Of course, there are plenty of other places to surf in Paris, for example along the Canal Saint-Martin to the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont or the Parc de La Vilette. Don’t hesitate to share your best spots with us.
To ride with your feet almost in the water, head for the Skate Park Quai de Jemmapes. Located along the Canal Saint-Martin, it’s sometimes peaceful, sometimes lively, and when the weather’s fine, it’s often transformed into a meeting place.


In addition to the panoramic, open lawn, the course boasts a full range of sports facilities. There are inclined quarters, curved quarters, straight sliding bars and other inclined models, as well as a fun box.

Roller park at Square du Serment de Kouffra
1 Avenue de la porte de Montrouge
75014 PARIS


Parc Martin Luther King (17th arrondissement) is a year-round venue for rollerbladers, skateboarders and scooters, beginners and advanced alike. With concrete curves and waves, ramps, rails, tables and a very smooth floor, it’s well equipped for learning to turn, tilt, slide and jump.


Known for its tranquility and 300m2 pond, the garden is equipped with slide bars, jumps and double jumps, jumps and double jumps. As an added bonus, foosball with your mates after a good slide is always a good idea!

Square Claude Bernard
176 boulevard Macdonald, 4 rue Jacques Duchesne
75019 PARIS

I won’t list them all here.

And then there are the addresses around Paris, in the nearby suburbs:

The CosaNostra Skatepark,

The Tribe Skateboard Club association offers skateboarding sessions all year round at the CosaNostra Skatepark in Shell, to help you discover or improve your skateboarding skills. Courses of all levels are organized and run by state-qualified instructors, accompanied by qualified educators and federal initiators. But you’re also free to practice your passion for leisure or to take organized courses.


Commemoration of the 98 French soccer victory

The victory of Les Bleus in 1998, France’s first trophy, the soccer World Cup at last at home! Zidane and Adidas decided to create a multi-sports field in the town of Saint-Denis, near the Stade de France. Of course, it’s not just a soccer pitch, there are also weight machines, basketball hoops and skateboard ramps. Ramps on multi-sports fields are very rare, so go for it!


Parc La Fontaine Skate Park

The Parc La Fontaine Skate Park is located on the banks of the Marne River in Maisons-Alfort, just a few kilometers from Paris, and is made entirely of concrete. This outdoor multisport area is entirely dedicated to urban and board sports, and offers a wide range of choices. Whether you’re on a skateboard, rollerblade, scooter or BMX, this is the ideal place to perform tricks or just have fun. No particular level is required.

Saint Cloud Skate Park

In the very heart of the town of Saint-Cloud, in the beautiful Jardins de l’Avre, a green space welcomes you with numerous activities for family and friends, including the famous Saint Cloud skate park. An irresistible place for slide fans!
It’s not far from the Saint-Cloud racecourse, an ideal place to enjoy sporting activities with family and friends. Open all year round, on public sites, you can practice skateboarding, rollerblading, scootering or BMX.


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