About us
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About us

Our history


Spirit 75 is a brand created by Denis Mériaux, who is passionate about project creation and creation in general. He’s a man, simply a Parisian. He is joined on the adventure by Margaux, Fabien and Emma. A small team working hard to bring you the very best in design.

Spirit 75 is an idea that was born in Denis’ head almost 10 years ago, in 2012. A fan of brand 64, vacationing not far from Biarritz, having surfed, having tasted the true values of the South West, friendship, sharing and courage. He thought he could do the same in Paris, the land of his birth and childhood. A Paris made up of neighborhoods that are all different, almost like villages, in a capital that can be crossed, at night, from one side to the other in almost two hours of walking. Which is nothing. So yes, there’s something to be said for dining out at a Belleville couscous, then heading back down to City Hall for a drink and ending up in a swanky club on the Champs Elysées.

The central idea of this project is to offer Parisians a brand that reflects them, going beyond commonplace and caricature.

A place where everyone can come together around shared values.

Created concretely in 2022, and launched in early 2023, Spirit 75 offers prints on clothing, T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and jackets, as well as on home furnishings and decorative items. These are quirky, hype, trendy and unique designs for the whole world of Parisians. We also like to use muses who convey our values, and work on the historical symbols of the city of Paris. You may see some older references, as Denis has made several attempts to create this project, with a few muses and partners in the past. Now we’re ready. GO!

The style is mostly typographic and illustrative. As a creative team, we’re interested in expressions that speak to people and, once worn, convey a message about our city lives, our lives as Parisians.

It’s sometimes funny, sometimes dark, often scathing.

Spirit 75’s values are: Freedom, Adventure, Rebellion, Transgression, Lost Causes, Codebreakers, Insubordination, Independence, Audacity, Authenticity, but also Cool, Chill, and Rockn’roll Attitude.
Happy surfing… on the site.